Ani-Gilahi or Ani-Gitlugvhita
(War Women or Long Haired Society)

The Ani-Gilahi is a traditional Tsalagi society made up of women who choose to fight and defend the People. A War Woman could join a War Party with Tsalagi men whenever she wished to. She would simply strip down to apron and moccasins, put on Wodi or War Paint, pick up her war club or bow and arrows and join a party off to war.
War Women were often times elected to lead the women’s council which was made up of seven clan mothers and the elected leader. The women’s council could override the decision of any Chief in Tribal Council if they saw fit for the good of the Tribe.

The Tsalagiyi Nvdagi Tribe has a very active Ani-Gilahi and our War Women are dedicated to teaching their traditions to the next generation of young women who seek these ways.

For more information please contact:

Linda Trussell – Bear Heart
Head War Woman
4212 Kendall Lane
Waco, Texas 76705