Ani-Ayastigi – Fighting Man Society or Warrior Society

The Tsalagi people were not a nation who lived for war, they were rather a nation of warriors whose greatest profession in life was warrior-hood!

Any Tsalagi man would die, and many did, to attain the rank of Ayastigi or Fighting Man (Warrior). A man might not be the best warrior, because not many could master all things; but as long as he tried his best and followed the code of the Ani-Ayastigi, he was fully accepted and honored by the Tsalagi people.

The Ani-Ayastigi were lead into war by the War Chief or Equayastigi (Great Warrior). His staff consisted of the Utsidihi (Mankiller); seven counselors of war, made up of men and women warriors; several members of the Ani-Gilahi as advisers, who may or may not go on the warpath with the Ani-Ayastigi; an Adawehi as Spiritual Leader; a Dunigoti (Surgeon) with three assistants; several Datsidahi (Messengers); Scouts; and the Etsisu, who was in charge of all rations and also carried the sacred war bundle of the Tsalagi.
An Ayastigi would travel over a thousand miles, suffering all kinds of deprivations, to gain a new war name or do battle for the love of fighting. He would go on the path of war, suffering hunger and cold for weeks to right an injustice done him or his people. This warrior who never struck his woman or children, who was never known to have raped an enemy’s women, and went out of his way to keep from hurting another mans feelings, was one of the most ruthless men to ever go upon the warpath. An Ayastigi gave no quarter and asked for no quarter.

The Ani-Ayastigi of the Tsalagiyi Nvdagi Tribe welcome men to step up and become involved in the Warrior Society.

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